About AHHI 

AHHI is a global institute with practitioners and researchers from different complementary fields that truly reflect the multifaceted nature of holistic healing.

AHHI was founded by Master Practitioners Taner Vargonen Ansari and Muzeyyen Vargonen Ansari. With a rise in dis-ease and health issues in their community and worldwide they observed that there was and still is a great need for a solution to these widespread issues.   Through years of research and clinical experience in the field of complementary medicine, they founded AHHI as a means to address imbalances and health challenges through information, education, and training.


Murshid Shaykh Taner Vargonen Ansari

Master Practitioner Taner Vargonen Ansari was born in Tarsus, Turkey and currently resides in USA. He has qualifications from Gazi University and Western Michigan University. His fields of expertise include Complementary Medicine, Linguistics, Sufism, and Sustainable Living. Together, he and his wife Master Practitioner Muzeyyen Vargonen Ansari have given discourses and training on these topics worldwide and in the USA including Harvard University, Humboldt State University, Napa Valley College, and Boston University. He has written numerous publications.

Shaykha Muzeyyen Vargonen Ansari

Master Practitioner Muzeyyen Vargonen Ansari was also born in Turkey and resides in the USA. She has qualifications from UC Davis: University of California. Her fields of expertise include Complementary Medicine, Managerial Economics, Agricultural Resources, and Sufism. She has edited publications and has over the years also been involved in the translation of original Turkish texts into English. She has a special interest in working with youth globally and has been involved in many youth empowerment projects.

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