AHHI Remote Services

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Metaphysical Therapy on the

Bio-Electromagnetic Field

Frequently, negativity can occur or

be present on the human Bio-

Electromagnetic Field. This can

negatively impact one’s life and

health. AHHI offers a remote

service that can assist with

clearing of the negativity from the

Bio-Electromagnetic Field. 


DNA Cleansing

and Intergenerational Healing

 Sometimes a pattern or situation

in one’s life seems to be repeating

itself over and over leading to

difficulties in daily life. This can

lead to feelings that are abnormal

 in intensity that do not seem to

resolve. This may be linked to

genes or inherited traits. AHHI

offers a remote service that

addresses these underlying

feelings related to these traits.

Supplication for Success (Career

and Studies), and Removal of

Envy/Evil Eye

Success in one’s career and studies

may often be hindered by

obstacles that can either be linked

to negativity such as envy/evil eye

or other factors. AHHI offers a

remote service to help lessen

these obstacles through

supplication and removal of

envy/evil eye. Please note that 3-

4 days notice for this service is


Inergetix Informational Healing


The basic function of the CoRe is to

provide an objective measurement

of the flow of life energy in the

patient , and more specifically,

where and how that flow is

blocked, or has the potential to

become blocked. The blockages

could be due to natural diseases,

infections, toxinsemotional

traumas, subconscious conflicts,

and so on. It can also determine

where an individual needs to

properly balance their diet or

lifestyle, such as the need for


or other therapies that will benefit

the person. AHHI offers this

treatment remotely.

Monthly Healing and Protection

Now more than ever it is

important that we protect the

health of ourselves and our

families. AHHI offers this service to

those who feel they will benefit

from monthly healings for

themselves and their families


Remote Healing over Skype

 Being in good health means that

one should be in a state of

balance on all levels: physical,

emotional, mental and

spiritual/metaphysicalWhen a

person gets sick, it means that

there is in imbalance on these

levels, AHHI offers remote healing

over Skype that will address these

imbalances through assessment,

treatment, and one follow up


House and Workspace


The spaces that we are in affect

our bio electromagnetic field.

Sometimes we experience feeling

drained or more angrier or even

depressed in certain spaces. This

could be at home or even in our

office spaces. AHHI offers the

service of space clearing which will

allow for removal of negativity

from certain spaces. AHHI can also

assist with energetic healing on

plants and animals.

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